The Marina

Boat Slips

The Great Salt Lake Marina has 320 boat slips that range from 21' to 40'  in length.  We can accomodate up to a 43 foot boat.  These slips are dispersed between eight docks.

There are four courtesy docks.  Two in the north basin near the launch ramp and two in the south basin for small boats such as dinghies, kayaks and sculling shells.

Slips can be rented on a yearly, monthly or daily basis.

All docks but 'L'  and the courtesy docks have running water. Water to the docks are turned off during the winter.

Four of our docks have power hookups.

Currently, with our challenging water levels, the marina is quite shallow and our slips can only accomodate drafts of 6' or less.  The marina mouth is shallower than the marina.