Wave Forecast Symbols

Wave Forecast Symbols is a sytem created by the Great Salt Lake Harbormaster for forecasting wave heights and conditions.  It is a system modeled after the Beaufort Scale but modified for the unique wave conditions on the Great Salt Lake.

Wave conditions vary greatly in different areas of the Great Salt Lake.  The forecast symbols are meant to predict conditions within a 10 mile radius of the Great Salt Lake Marina.


Wave Forecast Symbols for Great Salt Lake
 Symbol  Name  Description
  Calm/Light Chop Flat glassy seas with the occasional ripplets without crests 
  Light Chop  Ripplets without crests.  Small wavelets. 
  Mild Rolling Seas  Soft rolling waves (no breaking) generated from wind further up the lake.  May be mixed with some light chop
  Moderate Chop  Large wavelets.  Crests just begin to break.  Small Craft Advisory MAY be issued based on wave condtions alone
  Heavy Chop/Moderate Seas  Small waves with breaking crests.  Frequent white caps.  Some streaking foam begins.  Small Craft Advisory (or greater) issued
  Moderate Seas  Frequent breaking seas with rolling swells.  Moderate streaking foam.  Small Craft Advisory (or greater) issued
  Heavy Seas Frequent breaking seas and large swells five feet or greater (may exceed 10 feet uplake). Sea turns white from heavy streaking foam.  Small Craft Advisory (or greater) issued